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Specialist Finance

With access to specialist finance deals from a wide range of lenders, We Do Mortgages can help in funding for any property, in any scenario.

Since we act as introducers for these specialist products, we can help our customers find products that enable them to fund a new development or purchase a business premises.

In these situations, finding the right loan is key to the success of the project – so we’ll help you far and wide to find a deal that works. Drawing upon the connections with specialist providers up and down the UK, our partners will review all the options that are available to you before helping you put together a winning application that will bring your goals within reach.

We can also help our customers release equity from their investments to put towards new ventures.

Please note that we act as introducers only for equity release plans. The FCA does not regulate commercial finance and we act as introducers for it.


Whether you’re a small business borrowing towards your first owned office, or a more established organisation looking to expand your portfolio, we can help you find a commercial mortgage that will enable you to meet your objectives without overstretching your finances.



As their name suggests, bridging loans are most commonly used to bridge the gap in circumstances where the purchaser needs to raise cash before their existing property has been sold, or when they need access to a faster financing solution to secure a deal and move forward.



If you’re over 55, you can release some of the cash tied up in your property to put towards another purchase. Taking out a lifetime mortgage will allow you to remain in your home yet still access the capital you have accrued, either as a lump sum payment, a series of instalments, or both.


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